Edward Said and Joe Scanlan, Le classisme : une introduction [extrait]

« Le Classisme: une introduction [extrait] » was published by Bat on the occasion of the Joe Scanlan exhibition "Classism" held in Villa Park , Contemporary Art Center in Annemasse, from 16 January to 14 March 2015
french edition
11 × 18 cm, 16 pages
ISBN: 978-2-9540465-7-0
4 euros
« Le Classisme: une introduction [extrait] » has been translated from English by Jean-François Caro from Edward Said, Orientalism, translated from English by Catherine Malamoud, Paris, Seuil , 1980, p. 12-20 . Original publication in "Joe Scanlan, Red Flags : Four Essays on Art and Economics", Paraguay Press, Paris, 2009.
« Le Classisme: une introduction [extrait] » was laid out in CSS via its online version at www.f-u-t-u-r-e.org.
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