Anne-Sarah Huet AAA DANS LE PAN-SPECTACLE Docteure en économie et théoricienne des jeux, Anne-Sarah Huet s’intéresse à la floraison de la littérature du développement personnel aux Etats-Unis... [read+]
Artists as Iconographers, Editors: Garance Chabert & Aurélien Mole

Artists as Iconographers

For over a century now, iconographer artists have fuelled their approach by tapping into the diversity of images produced by othersand spread through society by industrial means. From collage to the... [read+]

Edward Said and Joe Scanlan, "Classism" : an introduction [extract]

« Classism : an introduction [abstract] » was published by Bat on the occasion of the Joe Scanlan exhibition "Classism" held in Villa Park , Contemporary Art Center in Annemasse, from 16 January to 14 March 2015. French edition 4 euros [read+]

LE SYNDROME DE BONNARD [The Bonnard Syndrome]

"Le syndrome de Bonnard" [The Bonnard Syndrome] , Villa du Parc Editions, 2014, 16 p., 300 ex, free, in french, graphism Isa Meunier-Fleury. Available at Villa Park. Sold out [read+]

CHARLOTTE, Vincent Kohler

Vincent Kohler, "Charlotte", artist's book, Villa du Parc Editions, 2014, 200 ex, 10 euros. Limited Edition, 40 ex. in french. Available at Villa du Parc. Sold out [read+]

THE BIG PICTURE, Raphaël Julliard

Raphael Julliard, "The Big Picture, rational catalog, material works", 1200 ex . Co-publishing of Villa du Parc - contemporary art center / Semiosis editions / JAWS and with the support of the City of Geneva , 128 p., 2014, 20 euros, limited edition of 50 ex. on request [read+]

TWO FOR TEA, a season of artistic collaborations at Villa du Parc

"Two for Tea, a season of artistic collaborations" at Villa du Parc, Villa du Parc editions, 64 p., 500 ex, 18 euros, graphism Syndicat, on request at Villa du Parc, back cover french / english texts inside. ISBN : 978-2-9543258-2-8 [read+]

DEC. 2009 - FEB. 2012

"Déc. 2009 - Feb. 2012", Villa du Parc editions, 2012, retrospective catalog, 76 p., 500 ex, 20 euros. In french, graphism Isa Meunier-Fleury. Sold out. ISBN : 978-2-9543258-0-4 [read+]