Luis Jacob, Album IX

The description of a recent artist's residency leb by Luis Jacob in Toronto is a good introduction to his "Album XIII" (2015) exhibited at la Villa du Parc. Jacob wrote here: "The world is made of holes. Our bodies are covered in them. Our eyes are holes, that enable us to see. Our mouths are holes, that form a passage between inside and outside. Our genitals are holes, that give us pleasure. I believe that works of art have an important relation to holes. Artworks point us to disturbing parts of our consciousness, those dark recesses within us that are rich like mines. Artworks create holes where there are none, disturbing our sense of reality and opening a can of worms. Artworks enable us to see; they allow passage between outside and inside; and they give us pleasure."

To go further in the Jacob's artistic process :

Interviews about the Albums 

a short presentation of Album III by Luis Jacob in Documenta XII (2007)

an artist talk (30')  in Guggenheim Museum (NY) (2010)

an interview (text) with Timothée Chaillou (2011)

And also an interesting exchange of views about the relevance of the digital in the Albums in Texte Zur Kunst : the text by Ellen Feiss and the response by Luis Jacob

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