Luis Jacob, Album IX
The description of a recent artist's residency leb by Luis Jacob in Toronto is a good introduction to his "Album XIII" (2015) exhibited at la Villa du Parc. Jacob wrote here : "The world is made of holes. Our...

Curator's choices : Interviews on Appropriationnism today

Christopher Williams, Kodak Three Point Reflection Guide, © 1968 Eastman Kodak Company, 1968. (Corn) Douglas M. Parker Studio, Glendale, California. April 17, 2003
François Aubart, curator of the two exhibitions "the Appropriationnist (against and with)" and Joe Scanlan, "Classism" advises : - a talk between Christopher Williams and Willem de Rooij - this interview of...

art/genève 2015

booth of la Villa du Parc at Art Genève
from 28/01 to 01/02 : The Appropriationnist (from the out-skirts) - stand D16 Félicia Atkinson, Hippolyte Hentgen, Sarah Pickering, Batia Suter

Barbara Breitenfellner in her studio...texts and interviews online

copyright Barbara Breitenfellner, 2007
The workspace of Austrian-born Berliner, collagist and installation artist Barbara Breitenfellner is host to an elaborate rigging of books, boxes and trays that more closely resembles a chemistry lab than a...

Iconographic Season - Absolutely Must Read Book on Collage

The crazy story of the two British Artists Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell who had been secretly stealing books in a library, removing what amounted to thousands of valuable art plates and either using them to create alternative dust jackets for other books or pasting them directly into a large and uninterrupted collage spanning the interior walls of their one-roomed flat on nearby Noel Road


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